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Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam
  • Towel for a hamam

Towel for a hamam

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Country of manufacture:Turkey

In total for a bath and saunas

At various people of the world it is possible to find the unique traditions in construction of baths and in use them.

According to the description of the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, a bath of Scythian tribes reminded yurtas. The established poles connected by the top ends obliquely fitted from above felt. In the middle put a copper with broth of herbs and threw the heated stones which heated previously outside on a fire into it. At the same time the wet vapor saturated with phytoncides which made bactericidal impact on the internal atmosphere of the room was formed. It is known that Scythians had a practice of use of the bark of trees which is previously softened by means of stones for clarification of integuments. Similar practice of hygienic procedures allowed to support health and purity of skin during long nomadic transitions. At the same time the collapsible design of their marching baths gave an opportunity to transport these baths with itself in vehicles and if necessary for a short time to establish them during the parking. The marching bath of the ancient Scythian and Sarmatian tribes wandering on northern coast of the Black Sea is considered the progenitress of modern mobile baths on the basis of frame and awning designs.


The sauna well influences our health, strengthens blood circulation and strengthens immune system. Advantage of a sauna:

  • Decrease in mental and physical tension and stress
  • Decrease in pain and tension in muscles and joints
  • Expansion of blood vessels and strengthening of inflow of blood
  • Strengthening of protective function of an organism
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Reduction of consequences of cold and flu
  • Removal of salt and products of disintegration from an organism, clarification of a time

Turkish bath

  • Temperature is 43-46 °C
  • Relative humidity: to 98%
  • Usage time: till 15 minutes

The steam bath is a procedure during which water steam influences all organism. Differs from the Finnish sauna in lower temperature and higher humidity. Thanks to high humidity and the essential oils which are present at it to couples, the bath favorably influences respiratory bodies. Steam helps time to open and by that promotes natural clarification.

Finnish sauna

  • Temperature: 80-85 °C (l) 90-95 °C (ll)
  • Relative humidity: 10-25%
  • Usage time: till 15 minutes

The Finnish sauna is the dry sauna warming an organism hot air. At a water popadeniye the wave of hot steam which promotes plentiful sweating and, thereby, clarification of skin and relaxation of muscles comes to the heated stones. Especially dry sauna is recommended for people with diseases of a pozvonichnik and joints. Dry hot air gets more deeply into an organism, than damp.

Infrared sauna

  • Temperature: 55-60 °C
  • Usage time: till 15 minutes

The Infrarasny sauna promotes healthy sweating with all advantages of deep infrared heat. Special light sources in spectral flowers influence vegetative nervous system.
The infrared sauna of Health Partner was carefully tested. On the basis of the reached exclusive improving effect at skin diseases (for example an acne, psoriasis...) and progress in treatment of diseases of joints, such as rheumatism and arthritis, an infrared sauna is most often used in the medical sphere. Infrared beams get deeply therefore at rather low temperature quickly there comes intensive sweating. This sauna, first of all, is recommended for the people sensitive to high temperatures.

Grass sauna

  • Temperature 50oC - 60oC
  • Otnositelyy humidity of 40% - 60%
  • The recommended usage time: max. 20 minutes

The grass sauna represents a combination of especially pleasant warmth, humidity and natural grass steam. Is ideally suited for a start and completion of change of hot and cold bathtubs, and perfectly is suitable for those who do not transfer high temperatures. Pleasant warmth relaxes muscles and calms nervous system. The used natural essential oils positively influence your health.

In a grass sauna you can relax with the following aromas:

  • the lavender Provencal - calms, strengthens and counterbalances
  • the fir, needles ate - counterbalances, strengthens and improves concentration
  • the Russian anise - stimulates appetite obladavt sweet as honey, aroma
  • the salutary camomile - calms and weakens
  • the Alpine herbs - weaken, feed and promote blood inflow


Equipment for saunas and baths, construction of the Russian and Turkish baths. SAWO, Teplodar, Termofor, Doctor Banya. Electric furnaces, steam generators, electrosteam generators, combined and acrylic cabins, wood, gas furnaces, heating furnaces, fireplaces, mobile baths, chimney systems, the Siberian furnaces and coppers, control panels for an elektrokamenok, portable furnaces, accessories for saunas, baths, hammam, the Finnish saunas and many other things.

Country of manufacture:Turkey
Information is up-to-date: 02.03.2021

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